World Rowing U23 Championships

2022 World Rowing Championships

We look forward to seeing you again in 2022 when Labe aréna Račice will host the World Rowing Championships.
Please reserve this date in your calendar: 18. - 25. 9. 2022

2022 wrch


Říp Mountain - mythical place and symbol of the Czech nation

Generally Mountain Říp is linked with the legendary arrival of Forefather Czech, a mythical figure, who gave the Czech land its name. It has been passed on that he brought the first Slavs to the territory of current Bohemia and climbed Říp, a hill of a rather unusual shape rising up in the middle of flat countryside, and he decided this was where his tribe and all its descendants would live. The first written record of the legend was made by the chronicler Kosmas:

„ … and there, the landscape lay far and wide where he could not see, all the way to the blue mountains, flat and free …. And it was a great joy for Forefather Czech to see the blessed land, and it made him think of what future of his kin and the next generation will be like here …“.

2021 World Rowing Under 23 Championships

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